I generally am happy with most of the bingo sites I use as they do look after me but sometimes there are sites that I come across that I do not join for various reasons.

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The first reason is the rules surrounding bonuses. You will find that most sites won’t allow you to withdraw bonus money which is fine however some sites will not even allow you to withdraw winnings if it’s less than £30 from that bonus money even if you have turned over the required amount.

The second trait that I find quite annoying is the fact that when you join a game room on some sites, you automatically get a little pop up chat box inviting you to join in a conversation. While this is very nice, I think it would be a good idea to give players the option of opening up that chat box to join in and not have it forced upon you. The third trait that I have found more recently is that when I am in the middle of a bingo game, the page will actually just freeze and hang, eventually it will say that it has lost its connection.

Ok, I can understand that technology has its faults however when I get a message popping up on the screen telling me that this won’t affect the outcome of the game, I struggle to believe that it actually won’t! The fourth trait is related to downloading. I prefer not to download products to play and that has put me off some sites that require me to download their software. Finally, there are some sites that offer limited means of contacting their customer service team. This proves very frustrating if you are having problems relating to their site.

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