This advert was taken out of one of the UK’S biggest selling newspaper, The Sun and it is actually promoting its own website Sun Bingo has dramatically taken off over recent years just like all of it’s rival sites but what keeps Sun Bingo one step ahead of its rivals is the fact that it can advertise it’s own website, in it’s own newspaper, for free.

What they’re actually promoting right now in this advert is in their words “new credit crunch busting bingo” and the fact that you can actually play games of Bingo from as little as 5p, how good is that?. They also claim that you won’t find a better bargain and to be honest I think I agree with them.

The advert itself is fantastic and it really stands out and makes you want to take part in the offer.After taking a quick look at the website I can certainly see why they get so many new members on a daily basis because it it easy to use, very welcoming and always worth a flutter if it’s going to win you some money!To take advantage head on over now to

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