There will be many chat games that you can play at Virgin Bingo’s online bingo site which will be played from time to time during any one day at the site, these chat games are available to all of the players at the site if they have made a deposit into their online bingo account during the last 30 days and also if they are playing the bingo games at the time that the chat game is being played.

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Virgin Bingo chat games are a fantastic way for the players to earn extra bingo points which they will be able to redeem for cash that they can play any of the online bingo games with, the points that you will earn for these bingo games will get you £1 for every 1000 bingo points that you redeem which means even more bingo games.

These chat games will take place in the chat rooms that are situated inside each of the available bingo rooms that can be entered at the Virgin Bingoonline bingo site, many of the players at the site will have their favourite chat games that they will like to play more than others but in my opinion they are all very enjoyable.

The chat moderators who host these chat games will announce when a chat game is going to begin and give you very clear instructions on how to play the game, I find that these games are just as fun to play as the bingo games that the site have got to offer to their players.

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