Many online bingo sites offer all new players some amazing deposit bonuses and is one of these amazing sites that gives all new players a great deposit bonus. All you need to do is go to galabingo and fill in the easy registration and deposit some cash into your account and galabingo will give you a free £10, you can deposit as little as £5 to receive this bonus a fantastic offer for all new players.

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Gala Bingo is a top major online bingo site that has a lot of great promotions on offer and also has many members and everyday more and more people are joining galabingo to take advantage of this great bonus. Everyone enjoys playing bingo and also the great deposit bonuses that sites offer, we all shop around looking for the best deals that each bingo site has to offer and galabingo has all these great promo’s.

Gala Bingo
 is a great and exciting online bingo site that not only is fun to play bingo at, but has some fantastic promo’s and specially a great deposit bonus. When I first came to galabingo the deposit bonus sign just jumped out to me, so I completed the registration details and got my deposit bonus and ever since enjoyed playing on the site and will continue to play at gala. So all bingo fanatics out there if you a great deposit bonus then go to, you certainly will enjoy it and have loads of fun and meet all new friends.

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