All Bingo Club is a fantastic bingo site and they have a wide range of bingo games for you to play on.

To play bingo at click here! also have chat bingo games and these are great to play on, simply follow what game the chat host is playing and get ready to play. Players are awarded Bingo Bonus Money (BBz) each time they play bingo and win on chat games.

Great chat games available to play at All Bingo Club include:

Magic Mirror: you need to look out for numbers that mirror each other, such as 24 and 42, and when both of these numbers appear the first person to type Mirror will win.

Blackjack: you need to watch out for any two numbers that appear after each other that add up to 21, such as 10 and 11, and when these appear the first person to type Blackjack and the numbers will win.

Double Trouble: when a double number appears, such as 11, the first person to type Double and the number will win.

Trivia Time: the chat host will ask a question and the first person to answer the question correctly will win.

Mexican Wave: the chat host will pick a random number between 1 and 90 and if the number is called the first person to type Wave will win.

There are several other chat games available to take part in at All Bingo Club so make sure you don’t miss out and visit All Bingo Club today and see if you can be a winner on a fantastic bingo site.

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